Trauma Rehabilitation

Be it physical or emotional trauma, our trained specialists are there to work with patients and support their journey. Anything from back pain and Sciatica to post-op recovery can be treated with proper execution and problem-solving solutions. If left untreated, trauma can be a risk for your health and life. Not only can it impair your ability to perform ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) but it can also have a psychological effect as well. By judging physical and mental symptoms, we at Theracare Physical Therapy guide, asses and treat our patients with the most innovative solutions. We love to take our time to communicate with our fellow clients to assure the best treatments and remedies are being followed precisely and working properly. Our ultimate goal is to assure our clients are ready to return to the active lifestyles they love as pain-free as possible. Accidents and injuries happen, we are here to help.

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