Fitness & Wellness

Need an outlet for stress? Feeling drained of energy lately? Utilize our available fitness facility and training services to get a fresh new start in life. Motivating and assisting patients to create a culture of wellness, our team over at Theracare Physical Therapy ensures all your health, fitness and wellness needs are met. Our health is the number one priority when it comes to leading a long happy life filled with spending time with family and friends. Over at Theracare we apply our experience and knowledge in assisting you to meet your own personal goals that you may have in mind when it comes to you being on your path to a healthy lifestyle. Lacking physical fitness not only leads to being more prone to mental and psychological problems but a huge deterioration in one’s health. Here we set a plan for patients based on a case by case basis in order to allow optimal results that you may be in search of. Theracare staff will keep you motivated and wanting to strive for more. Contact Us Today at Tarzana & san fernando valley, CA Centers to Request a free consult!