• It has been awesome working with Jeff as he has helped me get over many hurdles in my recovery process. After a shark attached that called for 7 surgeries to my leg, I knew I had a long road to recovery ahead of me. Initially, Jeff would visit me at home but once I was able to move around enough to visit his facility, he progressively made each visit more and more challenging, which seemed to be the key to my quick recovery.

    He is knowledgeable and hands-on with his treatments. He taught me many things that I am now able to utilize on my own to continue improving my strength/balance/coordination.

    Grigor A.

  • Thank you for your help in getting me going in the right direction and encouraging me in my efforts to succeed. Push, push, push, but just so much.


  • I can’t thank you enough for your great care of me, your warmth and comfort in my time of need.


  • Thanks for being concerned about my progress and thanks to you, I know I will be walking very soon without my walker.


  • I wish to give a commendation to Jeffrey Cipriano for the therapy treatments he gave me, which greatly eased the pain in my lower back and limbs. I do appreciate it all so much.

    Dagmar S.

  • Jeffery Cipriano has done an excellent job in giving me physical therapy for the last five weeks at home. He has encouraged me to push myself. He is professional, timely and has always called ahead to let me know when he would be out. I am sure his positive attitude, compassion, and tenderness have helped in my escalated recovery.


    Carolyn J.

  • Thank you for everything, my hip and my knee. Could not do it alone.

    Billy R.

  • Thank you for getting me back to my healthy self!

    JEFFREY CIPRIANO, Physical Therapist, owner of Theracare Physical Therapy exemplifies what quality care and treatment stand for.

    A trained specialist, I have worked with JEFFREY two years ago when I had my R Knee Replacement Surgery. The professionalism  I experienced led me back to JEFFREY for my L Knee Replacement on Feb 5, 2018.  Achieving the flexion and extension range established by my physician was the primary goal of JEFFREY!

    The direction, professionalism and caring qualities are what will always make me recommend and return to Theracare!

    Thank you for getting me back to my healthy self!

    Linda R.