Our Practice

about3 300x225 Our PracticeTheracare Physical Therapy is the preferred pathway to an energetic and pain-free way of life. With exceptional care and excellence, we strive to provide quality care to our patients. Aiming for a healthy and happy future, we offer physical therapy services, customized to your specific needs.

Our experienced physical therapist staff wears many hats! Trained and qualified from some of the best institutes in the state, these professional physical therapist have the skills to manage any serious condition. They practice not only pain-reduction techniques, but also take preventive measures. So, you start on the path of healing from the first visit. The licensed and educated therapists provide exemplary physical therapy services to ease the pain away and restore your mobility.

With an active and supportive atmosphere, we aim to help you achieve your health goals. While your body benefits from the various programs, we help rejuvenate your mind too. If you are looking for compassionate services of physical therapy, you’re in luck!

Our experienced physical therapists have the highest calibre, having received adequate training. They have the tools and skills to make their patients feel at ease and treat all individuals with compassion, dignity and respect.

about1 300x225 Our PracticeOur ultimate goal is to return your independence. Through muscle re-education, you can once again regain the freedom you once had. No goal is impossible when you have determination and that’s where Theracare Physical Therapy can help you. The services are customized to help you reach your ultimate goal.

So, take a step towards your former, healthy self by availing our services at Theracare Physical Therapy!